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Beaches of the island of Vir!

Vir is an island in the central Adriatic not far from the city of Zadar and has a coastline of over 30km, which means that on the island you will find many natural attractive beaches, but also those arranged and rich in content. This makes the whirlpool ideal for a family vacation, but also for adventurers eager to explore nature. The beaches themselves are mostly pebble, dirt, and somewhat sandy. Often natural beaches will be located right next to forests and vegetation that offer plenty of natural shade. With almost 300 sunny days, Vir is an ideal holiday destination.

Vir has several unique beaches that we will touch on first. The islet of Školjić which you will see at the entrance to Vir and which creates a beautiful welcome view of the island together with the sea, the island of Pag and Velebit in the background. Then Red Rocks which are a natural formation on the edge of the island and a popular natural beach. Along with it, you will get a unique feeling on Kozjak, where next to the sandy stone beach you will have a beautiful view of the medieval ruins of Kaštelina and part of the Vir history.

Jadro beach

Jadro beach is located in the center of the island of Vir and is by far the most popular beach on the island. In addition, it offers a lot of content and activities organized by Vir, which makes it very attractive. This is a pebble beach that stretches along the entire coast of the “center” of the island and is very easy to find. Along the beach, there is a lot of content. Beach bars, restaurants, rental facilities such as deck chairs, parasols, and Jet Ski are just some of the offerings. In addition, throughout the summer season, there are many animators who will make your arrival more interesting. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the relatively expensive parking on the beach. For this reason, if you are able to stretch your legs to the beach or coming by bike would be an ideal way.

Kozjak beach

The beach is located in the village Kozjak and unfortunately, there is no secured parking. You can reach the beach by a road that leads around the beautiful village of Kozjak, and the ideal way to get to the beach is on foot, by bike, or if you are lucky enough to find parking during the summer months by car. This is a beautiful beach, and not as famous as the others so you can often find your place under the sun. The beach itself is a combination of concrete, sand, and stone beach. In addition, the beautiful ruins of Kaštelina are right next to them so you can see the environment. The toilet is provided on all beaches on the island of Vir. Ice cream or corn sellers will often pass you by, but unfortunately, there are no cafes right next to the beach. You will still find a cafe if you are better off for a 5-10 minute walk.

Beach Duboka draga

Duboka Draga is the most beautiful natural beach on the island of Vir and is away from the settlements and the usual hustle and bustle that you will see on other beaches. It is better known to locals and long-time visitors as “Crvena zemlja” or “Crvene stijene”. The local road leads all the way to the beach and in that drive, you will pass through a good part of Vir and see the wild side of the island. It is accessible by car and there you will find plenty of parking by the beach. My recommendation is to dare to ride a bike. Nature is truly beautiful, and the journey itself is not too strenuous. Since this is a natural beach, you will not find cafes and shops in the area so be prepared to bring drinking water and sandwiches on the trip 😉


Viric is a beautiful island that you will see on the right when you come to the island of Vir. Complements this beautiful view when arriving on the island, towards Pag and Velebit. Although this is not a beach, the island itself is surrounded by beautiful shallow sandy beaches and definitely one of the destinations for your visit. You can visit the island by renting a boat or canoe, and often dare to swim to care because it is really close and most of the time you can walk. Since the virić is not inhabited, there is no content there. For this reason, prepare yourself by drinking water and bringing something to eat if you plan to stay longer.

Lučica beach

Lučica Beach is actually an old port for boats and boats. The beach itself is quite long and is filled with pebbles like most beaches on the island of Vir. Only the seabed is rocky and sandy in places. There is no vegetation on the beach so it is good to bring sunscreen. Fortunately, the beach is surrounded by many restaurants and there is enough parking space in the area. For this reason, it is an ideal place for families and all-day lazing under an umbrella.

Pedinka Bay

Pedinka beach is a pebble beach in the southwest of the island of Vir and is one of the most popular beaches. It is located right next to a wooded area of ​​Vir pines, which makes it a great place to hide in the shade. You have parking available, and right next to the beach is a “beach bar”. This makes Pedinka beach ideal for family relaxation.

Miljkovica beach

Miljkovica beach is located on the west side of the island of Vir. It is located right next to a row of private apartments and next to it are several restaurants. The beach is extremely long, pebble, and partly rocky. Great place to relax and unwind.

I hope we have been helpful to you and have made your choice easier. Enjoy your vacation on the island of Vir and if you have any questions feel free to contact us. And of course, if we have excluded your favorite beach, contact us and we will be happy to include it in our list 🙂

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