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How it works?

How does this all work?

We have a short article for you in which we explain how our platform works, how to easily find what you are looking for, and how to place your offer on the platform

Further on the page, we have described how our platform works, what you will get from it as guests, and what as providers. Our goal here is to combine supply and demand in one place, in a simple, modern and pleasing to the eye, but also much more. All visitors to the platform will have the opportunity to rate the facilities offered and leave reviews that will directly affect better visibility and position when searching for the facilities themselves. Owners will get a promotional and sales channel where a large number of users will search for products and services. In addition, the platform itself will be constantly advertised through paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns, Google ads and similar platforms. Along with this we will have interviews with the most popular objects on the platform that will bring you even more visibility.

All this together means that visitors will have a choice of the best possible offer based on their searches and previous experiences of guests, and owners and providers a top opportunity to present their products and services to quality guests for free.


Find an interesting place

Our offer consists entirely of products and services offered by local entrepreneurs, which guarantees you authenticity.
Take advantage of our search system to easily find what you are looking for, review the opinions of others,
compare with other offers and make the best decision.


Contact owner

You have found services and products that you like. Great! Contact owner completely free of charge.
No commission, no fee. You only pay for the service or product you buy directly from the provider.
We are just here to connect you 😊


Offer something

Do you have your own business, craft or are you planning to open? Why not offer your services and products through our platform?
Completely free! Simply create an account and through your administrative interface independently add and manage your facilities, information, communicate with customers and sell your products and services.

Video Instructions

If you are thinking of offering your services through our portal, and you are not sure what the procedure is, here is a short video that brings you more information. For everything else, we are at your disposal.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the questions and answers to your most common questions.

What is the price to add a listing?

Postings are absolutely free and we plan to keep them as such. If there are any changes in the business model, all visitors and users of the portal will be notified at least 6 months in advance.

How is the portal funded?

At the moment, the portal is fully financed from the private funds of the owners of the portal: Croator, a trade for digital marketing and website development, owned by Tomislav Lukić.

Can I create a business profile and use it as a website?

Of course you can. Once you create your profile you can share it wherever you want. However it should be noted that this is a profile on the platform and we would suggest that you still develop your website or create a Google My Business page as an alternative.

How much is your commission?

This portal does not operate on a commission basis nor does it charge or deliver the services offered on it. Our purpose and mission is to offer a simple, modern and above all transparent platform for market participants.

I have a problem with the service! Who can I complain to?

The web platform Otok Vir does not offer or charge for the services published on it. If you have any comments with the services you have received, we invite you to complain to the service provider or government agencies in charge of this type of service. I also ask you to contact us to record the incident and follow the owner more closely.

I am not satisfied with the position of my post on the portal!

For the sake of complete transparency, we never change positions manually. The system is set up so that the most popular posts appear first, and users can find all other posts by filtering through the system. The reason is to create trust between us as intermediaries, bidders and customers. With the development of the portal, we will potentially have paid sites for ads in the future, but they will clearly indicate that they are paid ads.

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If you have any additional questions regarding our web platform, feel free to contact us!